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by Oct 11, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

A day after independent film consultant Anna Wilding told New Zealand’s The Press that Lord of the Rings extras are being exploited, some of the films’ extras denied those charges, claiming they have received “star treatment.”

Extras ‘taste stardom’

The Press

The extras said yesterday their treatment was different to the picture painted by international film consultant Anna Wilding, who said riders in the movie were working for sub-standard rates and conditions.

Carrie Dungan, who worked as an extra while the production company behind the movie, Three Foot Six, was filming near Methven last month, said many extras expected to be treated like props but were very pleasantly surprised.

“We were not made to feel like the little people at all. We were made to feel very special. We got a taste of what it was like to be one of the stars,” she said.

“Everything was laid on. We were constantly offered food and drink and they really made sure we took breaks and did not get too tired.” Transport to and from the location was provided and overtime paid if anyone worked over 12 hours on any one day, she said. The standard rate was $120 per day.

Ms Wilding, however, said she was hearing from the people who had not had such a wonderful experience.


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