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by Feb 28, 2002Lord of the Rings (Movies)

“Lord of Rings” producer ousted from Oscars nominations
Yahoo! News – February 28, 2002

Oscars organizers have named three producers of “The Lord of the Rings” as the official nominees for the fantasy flick’s best film nod, dropping one film maker from the list, they said.

A special panel of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences named producers Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Barrie Osborne as those who would receive the Oscar if the 13-times-nominated film wins best picture next month.

Fellow producer Tim Sanders was left off the roll of honor after the committees met Monday and Tuesday to make the first such decision in the history of the Oscars.

New Oscar rules introduced two years ago stipulate that a maximum of three producers can be given credit for a best film nominee or winner, but backers New Line Cinema was unable to decide which of the producers should be dropped.

Under the rules, cinema’s top award will go to the three producers “who have performed the major portion of the producing functions,” and the 23-member panels’ task was to decide which of the quartet had been the least involved.

“Rings” is a hot favorite to take home the lion’s share of the Oscars on March 24 after netting 13 nominations, including best film, best director for Jackson, best adapted screenplay, best supporting actor for Ian McKellen‘s wizard Gandalf, and best cinematography.

The decision by the Academy helps finalize the Oscar nominations, announced on February 12 ahead of next month’s ceremony in Hollywood.

The other decision by the panel that dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s on the nominations was to approve Pete Docter and John Lasseter as the official nominees for animated feature “Monsters Inc” and John Davis and Steve Oedekerk as nominated creators of “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.”

The two animated films are nominated for a new best animated feature Oscar category, along with “Shrek.”


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