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by Apr 16, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Mount Ruapehu… Wow.
Susan emailed the following article over along with an additional note. She said, “The presence of the whole film production team in the area around Mt Ruapehu will give the area a needed economic boost. They’ve had a couple of poor seasons – one due to lack of snow; one due to Mt Ruapehu deciding to erupt. Ohakune is the ‘Carrot Capital’ of N.Z. It has a very large carrot at the entrance to the town. It is also close enough to the Mt Ruapehu ski resorts – Whakapapa and Turoa – to provide accommodation.” Thanks Susan!

Lodge will have familiar ring for hobbits

Waikato Times – April 6, 2000

The hobbits should feel right at home in Ohakune.

After a hard day’s battle with Sauron’s forces in Tongariro National Park, J R R Tolkien’s heroes will return to Hobbit Motorlodge.

The lodge has been fully booked for the Lord Of The Rings production, which sets up in National Park this weekend.

Proprietors Garrick and Maureen Workman confirmed the lodge was fully booked. They have signed confidentiality agreements and cannot discuss anything they learn about the films.

The lodge, nestled among trees at the foot of Mt Ruapehu, has ivy and jasmine covered-units, sloping roofs and covered walkways. The Hobbit theme is continued with pictures in the restaurant and stairway.

The Hobbit was built by Phil Jackson, now of Auckland, in 1983.

“I’m a fan of Tolkien. I used it [the name] from reading the book,” Mr Jackson said.

Meanwhile, a hoax Lord Of The Rings casting call has backfired on King Country Radio.

The station announced on Saturday – April Fool’s Day – that local extras were wanted.

About 20 children turned up for casting but, when they were told they had been duped, many left in tears and parents reacted angrily.


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