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by Oct 15, 2003Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Last-minute Ring Filming – October 14, 2003

Filming for The Return of the King continues, six weeks out from its world premiere in Wellington.

But executive producer Mark Ordesky of New Line Cinema says the film is on schedule and will be ready for its December 1 debut.

Last night Mr Ordesky said miniatures and visual effects were still being shot and added to the movie, which is being edited in Britain. Filming of principal actors was complete.

Shooting would continue next year for the extended DVD version, which is expected to be out for November 2004. It was unlikely principal actors would return for more filming, though some of the cast could be recalled to record dialogue for the DVD.

Mr Ordesky, a friend of director Peter Jackson since the late 1980s, said he had every confidence most of the principal cast would turn out for the premiere. These actors include Cate Blanchett, Liv Tyler, Viggo Mortensen and Sir Ian McKellen, none of whom attended the earlier premieres. “I believe . . . the turnout for The Return of the King will eclipse the turnout for The Two Towers.”

Though he had not inspected the Embassy Theatre, Mr Ordesky was confident refurbishment was going to plan. “It will just be spectacular.”

Last year Mr Ordesky said Wellington would lose the premiere if the theatre were not brought up to standard. His comments followed Wellington City Council’s decision, later revoked, to withdraw its $7 million backing for renovations.

Mr Ordesky met Jackson in 1987 when he tried to buy Jackson’s film Bad Taste for the American company he was working for. It did not happen, but he did hire the director to write an instalment for Nightmare on Elm Street. (The script was never shot).

In those days no smart hotel rooms were offered to Jackson and he ended up sleeping on Mr Ordesky’s sofa. “And since then I have slept on his.”

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