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by Jun 6, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

I’m sure many of you have seen the Gollum images floating around the net lately. Here’s an article on what happened to them…

And thanks to Sharon for this article!

Gollum Glimpsed, Goes Underground

Evening Post – June 5, 2000

One of the best-known characters in The Lord of the Rings has been as troublesome in real life this week as he is in the books.

Gollum, a spider-thin creature who was once a hobbit, will be a computer-generated creation in Peter Jackson’s $360 million film trilogy of J R R Tolkien’s classic tale.

Details on what Gollum will look like have been kept secret. But on Monday photographs showing a rough computer-generated rendering and a model of Gollum appeared on TheOneRing.Net, an unofficial website devoted to Jackson’s project.

The site removed the photographs several hours later after complaints from Jackson’s film company in Wellington and New Line Cinema in Los Angeles. Some websites refused to show the photographs, but others have boasted about having copies.

OneRing.Net New Zealand co-ordinator Erica Challis said yesterday the images were put up by the websites’s main co-ordinator in Canada. The co-ordinator removed them after a phone call from a Lord Of The Rings representative.

The website has shown several photographs claimed to have been leaked from the films. This week it continued to show one of the characters, Gimli the dwarf.

Ms Challis said it decided the Gollum images could spoil the surprise for some fans. “We weren’t thinking correctly. We are [now] aware of how potentially destructive they were,” she said. But she acknowledged some fans had downloaded the images. “It’s back underground. The real die-hard fnas will find it.”

Lord Of The Rings publicist Claire Raskind wouldn’t confirm whether a request to take the photos off the site was made. “I guess they made a choice to keep the fans surprised. The production and New Line are happy with that decision.”

Asked if the images had been leaked from Jackson’s Miramar studios, she said she had no idea. Tracing the leak would be difficult.

The first of the three Lord Of The Rings films is due to be released in December next year.


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