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by Nov 29, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

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Dr. Jackson Blown Away
The Evening Post – November 26, 2001

No one doubt film-maker Peter Jackson has a pretty good imagination, but even he didn’t envisage that one day he’d hold an honorary doctorate in literature.

“It’s actually more than an honour,: The Lord Of The Rings director said in Wellington yesterday, after Massey University had conferred honorary doctorates in literature on him and his partner, screen-writer Fran Walsh. “I would never have dreamt in wildest imaginations that I would be given a doctorate one day.”

He said he was also thrilled it coincided with the opening of the refurbished Dominion Museum as Massey University’s museum building. “When I was young, the museum was my favourite place,” and during yesterday’s visit “memories came flooding back”.

Dr Jackson likened the building’s major refurbishment to film-making. “It’s kind of interesting because the dream to make this building the way it is is actually not too dissimilar to making a movie.”

At the start, factors such as the huge cost made it seem impossible to achieve, but then slowly it began to happen, he said. Declining the opportunity to spend the next 20 minutes of the ceremony talking “about the meaning of life”, he showed a reel of Rings bloopers and actors and crew, including himself, hamming it up for the camera. Just as he had tried to capture the spirit of Tolkein in the movie, this reel captured the spirit of New Zealanders making it, he said.


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