New Film Sets at Waioru – Mordor Maybe?

by Apr 4, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

The smoking fires of Orodruin… in New Zealand.
Thanks to Phil for alerting us to this info! Here’s what he said:

Set construction is due to start on or around Monday 10 April in the Rangipo desert in the Waioru army training area. The area designated Zone 1 lies between state highway 1 and Mt Ruapehu, about five minutes north of Waioru and is used by both Army and Airforce as a High Explosive weapons live firing/bombing range.

Army ammo techs and airforce armourers will carry out range clearance operations this week once the RNZAF has finished using the targets for bombing. The aim is to clear all old munitions and targets from the area before the film crew arrives.

Personnel from the production company were on site today (4 April).

Although only speculation, the area suggests itself to be used for the approaches to Mordor, or possibly scenes within mordor itself? Mt Ruapehu could be Mt Doom, time will tell.

If anybody has any pics of this area, email them to me! I know we’d all love to see what it looks like.


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