My experience of the LOTR trilogy

by Feb 7, 2004Lord of the Rings (Movies)

I came into the trilogy late. I was the one that said OK Hobbits, Elves, Dwarfs and Evil eyes? NOT FOR ME. Well that changed when we were accidently sent TT and said OH well lets watch it. My mouth was on my chest when it went off I was totally blown away. We went directly to the PC after it went off and ordered FOTR and have since ordered both extended versions. ROTK came out here on Dec 17 and Dec 19 we were in the theater with our 2 kids (2 and 4 Years old) amazed by the sounds and the sights in the movie. My son to this point was not really into the whole LOTR story but he sat through the COMPLETE movie totally engrossed by what he was seeing. He LOVES Gollum and has now got his own “precious” that he carries in his pocket. I cannot wait till the movie comes to our hometown to watch it again. To me it really just closes the book on the story but still makes you say NOOOO it can’t be over. The scenes with Sam and Frodo this time were so emotional i was in tears through more of the movie than i care to admit (the “You bow to noone” part was my undoing). I guess if asked what part sticks out most in my head it would be 3 parts. Merry and Pippin Dancing on the table (laughing), Sam and his “I can’t carry it for you” sequence (TEARS!!!), and the , well I will say “the crowning” so i don’t give away too much. But to ask my favorite parts of the movie would launch me into my “Favorite parts I can tell you, but have you seen the DVDs of the other 2” speech. I really turned into a huge fan when i sat and watched the special features on the EE of the DVDs. Seeing all the work and the love that was put into this movie for things that without seeing it on the special features i would have not noticed just really made LOTR grow a little spot in my heart of its own. I find myself more often than not zooming into the Golden Hall on TT just to see the carvings on the pillars or on the armor of the men to see the work put into it.
My son knows the story line and he tells everyone his favorite parts and pretends all the time that he is Frodo. His favorite lines are sometimes lines i didnt even notice. From the Fellowship he uses “have you run out of those nice shiny daggers(Sam, FOTR-EE) From Towers he uses Gollums “Preeecioussss” and from ROTK he uses “Not if I stick you first!” (Sam). I mean he is FOUR and he UNDERSTANDS the story line that took me seeing the first 2 a couple of times to understand. Peter Jackson to me is a genius in his vision of this movie. If i could say ANYTHING at all to Peter Jackson it would be THANK YOU! thank you for giving my husband and I and interesting movie but at the same time making it so that my 4 year old son knows what is happening. It is amazing for a man to know how to do that, how to make a movie that a 4 year old can understand but still leaves us adults saying “wait i don’t get that part yet”. I also just recently bought the book so PJ thank you for turning me onto Tolkein too. I am really looking forward to reading “the rest of the story” that everyone on this site like to talk about. All the characters that PJ could not put in and all the unexplained character backgrounds I can’t wait!

For our family LOTR has given us something to do together we get popcorn and pile up together watching it, we pretend with our son and daughter, it has given my husband and I something to discuss together and has opened me up to an author that without the movies I didn’t know about.


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