My Brush With Fame. – Orlando Bloom In person

by Jan 22, 2002Lord of the Rings (Movies)

When I found out Orlando Bloom was going to be at The Regis Show I new this was my chance to meet him. I got a flight into Newark at the last minute. I just had enough time to go to the hotel to drop my luggage and brush my teeth. Then took a cab to CBS. I didn’t have a ticket so I got a stand-by number, which was 24. So my chances of getting in are slim to none. I’m waiting in the cold for them to start calling stand-bys. When they inform us there’s no room at all.I ‘m totally crushed and almost in tears when the guard tells me where the guests for the show come in and out. I go around the corner of the building and see a small group has already formed by the loading dock. So I go join them. Then someone tells me Orlando just arrived and walked right by them. So now I know I’m in the right place. So I take my place infront of the loading dock across from his car. I was so scared Orlando would be put off by the crowd and just get in the car out of sight, behind the garage door, but he didn’t. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He is so beautiful. Pictures really don’t do him justice. I started taking pictures as he approached us. The crowd at one point got a little to pushy but he really didn’t seem to mind. I felt bad though. All I wanted was to be respectful towards Orlando. He was so sweet to everyone and gave everyone an autograph. People complimented him on how well he played Legolas and on how cute he was. He seemed a little shy by these comments. Especially the latter comment. He just replied with a soft spoken thank you. He started to get into the car when I remembered the LOTR calender I really wanted signed. I spoke-up and said “Mr Bloom please sign one more”. He stopped and I handed it to him over the car and he signed it. Except for the birth of my children that was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. I came away feeling that Orlando not only deserves fame and fortune for being so talented but also because he’s such a sweet person. The whole trip was wonderful. That was my first time to New York and I fell in love with the city and the people. Thanks for letting me share my story.


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