MovieLine’s Take on the Movies – The Fellowship of the Fans

by Apr 7, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Sheila McLaughlin over at MovieLine dropped me an e-mail telling me about an article that was up on their site. Head on over there and check it out.

Here are two paragraphs from the article.

“Because of widespread Internet access, fan sites now play an integral part in generating information–though not always accurate–about movies in all the various stages of production. But no one group has marshaled together online with as much zeal as the Trilogy community. There are hundreds of websites dedicated to the Trilogy and many more that focus on Tolkien himself. Bucking what has until recently been the trend in studio marketing, New Line has embraced this wave of fan obsession with the ongoing production and sought fans’ cooperation in spreading the word about the project. The studio almost had no choice in the matter; still, ask most online fans and they’ll tell you that New Line has been almost always helpful in getting them information and giving them access.

And why wouldn’t New Line? Though studios traditionally like to keep all details about a movie in production tightly wrapped, New Line marketing honchos quickly realized how powerful the fan sites can and will be in promoting what–at 18 months–can’t stay a completely airtight production. Besides that, LOTR fans have waited a long time for this adaptation and made clear from the start that they would what was needed to be heard. LOTR fans have forwarded petitions to Jackson and New Line, arranged extensive chats and forums to discuss matters of accuracy, established communication with cast and crew, and set up e-commerce links that effectively turn them into small businesses. Jackson went on Ain’t It Cool News to address concerns raised by the Movie Integrity Petition on Tolkien Online – The One Ring. And on Friday, in a move that is sending Bilbo buffs into fits of online merriment, New Line will release at the Lord of the Rings official site a hundred-second trailer of footage and interviews from the set.”

Head on over and check the rest of it out. Thanks to Sheila for passing this one along!


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