Minor Spoilers “Mankind’s Battle” – New Line Cinema’s subtitle for the upcoming trailer

by Sep 27, 2002Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Knowledgeable sources tell us that New Line Cinema has given the upcoming trailer premiering on AOL September 30th (and then appearing on the Official Site the next day) the subtitle of “Mankind’s Battle.”

You will not see this subtitle when you view the trailer; it is strictly for New Line’s reference.

While our list of trailer shots did not describe battle scenes (other than Gandalf battling the Balrog), there will in fact be battle scenes in the trailer. However, the trailer is not specifically about battles.

The final trailer, which runs three minutes and six seconds, is basically a overview of most of what we are going to see (or what we might see, depending upon any last minute editing) in the movie, not really focusing on one topic for too long especially towards the end, when the music picks up and tons of different images start flashing on screen.

If you compare this trailer to the teaser, there is slightly more of a focus towards the men and women of Middle-earth; for example, the introduction of Eomer and the Rohan riders at the trailer’s start, the involvement of Theoden in the war against evil as Gandalf warns him about Saruman, introduction of Eomer and the Rohan riders in the beginning, the scenes with Eowyn, and Frodo with Sam and Gollum. There is also a focus towards the dark forces, truly accentuating how huge and difficult the battle it is going to be, without dwelling on the battle itself. And, of course, there are scenes pertaining to the subplot of Aragorn and Arwen’s romance.

So, is there any significance to New Line referring to this particular trailer as “Mankind’s Battle?” Well, Peter Jackson has said that <i>The Two Towers</i> is about Saruman and Sauron joining forces to wipe humanity off the face of the (Middle-)Earth, and it appears the film will focus predominantly on Aragorn accepting his destiny to become king.

Then again, the teaser trailer was subtitled, “Golden Adventures,” which did not definitively describe the trailer or the film.


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