MASSIVE SPOILERS: A Compilation of The Two Towers Reviews

by Dec 8, 2002Lord of the Rings (Movies)

WARNING: SPOILERS ABOUND IN THESE REVIEWS. Please proceed only if you wish to be “spoiled.”


The folks at ROTTEN TOMATOES.COM have compiled about a dozen reviews from Variety, Entertainment Weekly, Hollywood Reporter and (to name a few). The film is enjoying a 100% “fresh” rating to date. To view them, CLICK HERE.

Warning: Contains some foul language

Harry Knowles and his gang have published several reviews from fans all over the world. Here is a sampling from 5 December (CLICK HERE) and 3 December (CLICK HERE).


“Whether you liked Fellowship or not, it does not matter. The Two Towers is one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all time, and it should not be missed.” To read more, CLICK HERE


“Any attempt to convey in words the electrifying sweep and transporting emotional resonance of “The Two Towers” can only seem like critical overkill…to those who haven’t seen it yet. A tsunami of groping superlatives will no doubt herald the movie’s release on December 18, and you, too, will surely join in. Don’t fight it. You can’t.” To read more, CLICK HERE


“‘The Two Towers’ is the film of the year. It’s an epic battle and some that loved “The Fellowship of the Ring” might be shocked because of the sheer power, violence and volume of impressions “The Two Towers” features. That doesn’t mean it is bad. In the contrary: It is cinema to my liking. The sort that makes the screen explode.” Read more HERE.


“The Two Towers as a film was absolutely amazing. Any fan of the books as well of the first movie will be thoroughly engulfed by the story of The Two Towers. To compare this “middle movie” with that of another great in the world of trilogies, like The Empire Strikes Back is to say many wonderful things, as Empire is hailed by many to be the greatest in the Star Wars saga.” Check it out,

AND don’t miss 3 amazing FAQs compiled by Lights Out starting HERE.


“There isn’t a lot more I really want to say about this film. It is a near-perfect piece of filmmaking. The map is, obviously, strong. And the work from Peter Jackson and his team is not only flawless, it is breaking through new barriers for the second year in a row.” Read more HERE.


“The second film in Peter Jackson’s trilogy of JRR Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings is one of the year’s best…The result is a thrilling, muscular entertainment which powers along intensely towards the climactic third film.” To read more,


A long time Tolkien fan, ‘Deep Elf’ at offers a mixed review about the film: “The final word from me is that you should definitely see ‘The Two Towers’. It’s more gritty and darker, and less fantastic in tone, than ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’. It’s a movie you do not want to miss, even if you only see it once.” Read it HERE.

Comments: Please note that this is only a sampling of reviews that are currently available on various websites. No doubt more reviews will be pouring in the next few days leading up to the TTT release. Enjoy!


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