LOTR Party Didn’t Have “That Cannes-Do Attitude”? – Newsweek

by May 22, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

According to Newsweek’s Dana Thomas, New Line’s Lord of the Rings party festivities at Cannes weren’t quite as festive as we believe.

Even the folks behind The Lord of the Rings—the most anticipated film of the year, though not due in theaters until December—couldn’t get it together. New Line Cinema rented an old chateau outside of town, shipped in Lord of the Rings sets from its New Zealand location and hired actors do recreate the story’s characters, including dwarves as hobbits. Unfortunately, by the time guests were bused up to the hilltop castle, hiked another half-mile in the dark, and teetered up some broken stone steps, they were in no mood to party. Though the movie’s stars—Liv Tyler, Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee—were milling about, most guests dismissed the extravaganza as a Renaissance Faire without much flair.

Don’t worry, Dana. I’d be more than happy to take your place at next years’ party.


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