LOTR Footage Online Soon? – New Line VP says yes

by Mar 13, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

This is from Rodrigo at Ringzone… Let’s keep our fingers crossed so we can see that footage!

This is the COOOOOL info I got from Gordon Paddison (New Line)

If it is up to Gordon, we will see this reel. Last time we spoke he told me that in a few days the official site would be updated, and so it happened.

Once they get the music problem out of the way and PJ’s go ahead, the
internet will get their first glimpse of LotR footage….


thank you so much for your e-mail. i am sorry to be slow to respond.
we are trying to bring the material from showest to the official website
for the film. i am only waiting to:

1. i must ask peter himself (he is the greatest so i am sure that he
will allow some materials to appear).

2. the current music being used is not cleared for broadcast and it
will cost me a fortune (i don’t have that kind of budget) so we will
have to change some music cues and that will take some internal working.

BUT NEVER FEAR!!! The second i saw the first clips of the reel, i
started pleading with everyone at new line to allow me to put it
online. i made it very clear that we had to share this with the fans.

Gordon Paddison,

vp worldwide interactive mktg & dev


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