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by Jul 16, 2004Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Dennis Schreider has written an interesting examination of the, shall we say, fervor with which some LOTR fans take their love of the good professor’s works.  Here’s an excerpt:

Over the last three years I’ve found that if I really want to incur the wrath of a great many people I know I merely have to mention the fact that I have not seen any of the movies in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. These people then derogatorily refer to me as an ‘intellectual,’ a wellspring term, it would seem, for other apparently like-minded words, such as ‘elitist,’ ‘pretentious,’ ‘snob,’ and ‘condescending.’

I find the last of these words the most curious, since it seems to me to be the one most rife in hypocrisy. I am the one being be-littled and condescended to for what others see as a ‘who- does-he-think-he-is’ high-mindedness that, for my part and in defense of myself, I fail to see at all.

My reasons for not having seen any and all of the LOTR trilogy is not esoteric at all, but rather really simplistic. I do not like fantasies, be they books or movies or any other medium. They just do not stimulate my interests. I can understand those who ARE deeply immersed in the worlds of fantasy to maybe be mystified by my indifference to subjects they deem vital and essential, but I cannot for the life of me understand the contempt it has seemed to arouse in regards to the LOTR phenomenon. And it’s starting to make me a little mad.

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