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by Apr 6, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Liv Tyler as Arwen Evenstar… filming was “great but long.”
Dark Horizons recently interviewed Liv Tyler about her upcoming film One Night at McCools. Here’s an excerpt in which she discusses her role as Arwen in LOTR:

Resisting big-time Hollywood, Tyler will next grace our screens in the much-anticipated Lord of the Rings, describing the experience as being “great but long.” She spent 18-months in the climatically diverse New Zealand shooting Peter Jackson’s ambitious epic. “It’s very hard to talk about in a few short minutes because it was so much you know?” But Liv has seen some of the film and shares some thoughts. “Peter was very sweet and smart. He screened some footage twice. Once from the beginning, like halfway through and then once at the very end just one everyone needed that little push to get through to the last month or two and he showed us 35 cut minutes. It was such a beautiful thing to see. We were all like crying and clapping and standing up, feeling so inspired when we saw it, because everyone worked so hard on it.”

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