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by Apr 19, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

In an article primarily about Liv Tyler‘s new film One Night At McCool’s, the cinematic Arwen admits she was oblivious to all the interest surrounding Lord of the Rings.

She’s been away from home for a long time of late, notably the nine months she spent in New Zealand filming three back-to-back Lord Of The Rings films. She had never read the book before and, until recently, was quite oblivious to the feverish interest in the film. “I was checking my e-mail one day on Roy’s computer and he has AOL. And suddenly, this ad popped up for it. He clicked on it and I couldn’t believe it. That was when I realised – that, and the fact that so many people kept asking me about it.”

When she talks about life experience on a film set, she is not bluffing. “I can never see outside of anything. I just don’t think about the other aspects. And being in New Zealand, we were so far away from Hollywood and even the normal movie-making world. I felt like I was in a bubble, living my life with all these other people with whom I became really close.”

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