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by Jul 16, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Liv Tyler found portraying an elf in Peter Jackson’s upcoming Lord of the Rings film trilogy “nearly impossible.” “They are just so otherworldly,” the Armageddon star told SCI FI Wire during an interview.

“It was fun but very difficult to become that because they are kind of like perfect beings” Tyler said, referring to her character Arwen, the elf so desperately in love with the mortal Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen). “They’re perceptive. They’re beyond us. They’re also incredibly poised, and they move in a certain way and walk in a certain way. All of that was incredibly important and also kind of exhausting. There wasn’t a moment where I could rest on one leg or shrug a shoulder. We always had to be perfectly contained.”

Tyler politely declined to disclose the details of Arwen’s romance in the film, but she can’t hide her satisfaction with the way it was handled. “For me as a girl, in that girly way, one of the main things that really attracted me to this was the power and the beauty of the love story,” the actress said. “If you go back to the book, to the appendix, one of the chapters [is called ‘Arwen and Aragorn’] and it’s the most dreamy, classic and beautiful love story. They’re faced with a lot of classic struggles and decisions.”


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