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by Dec 13, 2002Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Ain’t It Cool News (rock_gordon)

Spoiler Free. Warning: Vulgar Language

“I have to say that I was not disappointed. Every single frame is crafted with such care and love that you can’t take your eyes from the screen. Every gesture, landscape, word, phrase and movement is wonderfully crafted.” (CLICK HERE).


CHUD (Nick Nunziata) 9.3/10


It’s among the best written, acted, shot, scored, edited, designed, and realized films of this or any year just like its predecessor and just like its successor will most likely be. When completed, the combination of the three Lord of the Rings films will be remembered as what may be the best filmed story of all time. It’s nothing less than that. Whatever profit streams, marketing ideas, and spinoffs come out of this franchise, the fact remains that these films are pure gold siphoned out of fertile ground with the finest care and precision.” (CLICK HERE).


Coming Soon (Scott Chitwood) 10/10


“I gave this movie a perfect score for several reasons. First of all, I was thoroughly entertained by it. It was everything I was looking for in a sequel. Second, I rated the first film with a 9 and I liked this one better. Third, I think this film will hold up over time. It will still be a great film 20 years from now. That being said, it does have a few minor flaws that I’m willing to overlook which may annoy others.” (CLICK HERE)


BBC (Nev Pierce) 4/5

Spoiler Free

“Time and repeat viewing will tell whether the second part of Peter Jackson’s magnum opus is truly better than its illustrious predecessor. It certainly surpasses The Fellowship of the Ring in terms of wit, action and narrative drive. What it lacks – at least until the climax – is the first film’s wow-factor. We are now accustomed to the environs and inhabitants of Middle-earth.” (CLICK HERE).


The Z Review (Gil Benzeevi) 4.7/5

Spoiler Free

“If you are looking for thrill ride at the movies that can take you into another dimension of amazing entertainment then The Two Towers is definitely a must see movie. So escape to the strange and mysterious world of The Two Towers and you will have given yourself a fabulous experience that you will remember for quite some time.” (CLICK HERE).


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