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by May 31, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Peter Jackson takes five with a Ringwraith.

This month’s E! Online Force of Hobbit report features an interview with location managers Jared Connon and Robyn Murphy and location negotiator Matt Cooper. Plus, confirmation that the Scouring of the Shire is in — but with “a few tweaks.”

  • On Location: To make three movies during the course of a 274-day shoot, the Lord of the Rings crew built 350 sets in more than 150 locations all over the country (including 30 conservation sites) and filmed at up to five locations simultaneously.
  • The Latest Word: McKellen explains that Film One will no longer begin with a prologue showing the creation of the One Ring and its journey from Sauron to Gollum and Bilbo Baggins. Instead, the film will open with Gandalf’s arrival into Hobbiton for Bilbo’s 111th birthday, with the story of the Ring appearing later. “A prologue, with its stash of names and facts, can unnerve audiences, and I am relieved that ours has gone,” he says.
  • Ask The Insider: LOTR conceptual artist Alan Lee showed John Forde his sketches of the Grey Havens buildings and boats. Elijah Wood (Frodo) and Ian Holm (Bilbo) said they count their “farewell” scenes (when they say goodbye to their friends before going to the Grey Havens) as among their favorite to film. Sources tell him the Scouring of the Shire has made the cut, albeit with a few tweaks.

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