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by Jul 2, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

An extensive interview with sound recordist Hammond Peek; tidbits about merchandising, the casts’ next films, and Howard Shore’s score; and questions answered about trailer music, Middle-earth maps, and Elvish sadness.

Here are some brief excerpts:

  • On Location: Sound recordist Hammond Peek sits at a sound console, headphones on, listening intently to each word. He’s responsible for a massive audio mission: to capture the cacophony of dialogue and sounds for director Peter Jackson’s three-movie epic.

    “By the end of filming, we recorded on around 600 (367 on the first unit and 233 on the second unit) 95-minute tapes,” Peek explains. “Not all of them were filled end to end, but you get an idea of how much material we collected on location and in studios.”

    Peek and his team not only had to record the ornate dialogue of Tolkien’s trilogy but also the sounds of Middle Earth: the roar of thousand-strong armies, the crack of swords hitting armor and the growling of Orcs and Uruk-hai.

    And if you think Peek’s work was finished when filming concluded in December 2000, you couldn’t be more wrong. His job was just beginning…

  • The Latest Word: Howard Shore is hard at work on LOTR’s score, a project he says has “the complexity and difficulty of writing an opera.” A longtime Tolkien fan, Shore’s work will incorporate the languages of LOTR, including Dwarvish, Elvish and Black Speech. The work is expected to have a strong Celtic theme. Irish folksters the Barleyshakes were in New Zealand last month for a recording session. Rumors are also flying that Irish songstress Enya is onboard.

  • Ask the Insider: LOTR is following Tolkien’s descriptions, drawings and maps to the letter, and conceptual artist (and Tolkien illustrator) Alan Lee has drawn several maps for the production. Take a close look at Bilbo’s study at Hobbiton in Film One, which is a sea of drawings, manuscripts…and maps.

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