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by Mar 29, 2002Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Director Peter Jackson has explained his decision to wait until now to show a special preview of the second Lord Of The Rings movie, after showings of the first film.

The New Zealand film maker told www.lordoftherings.net he wanted to reward fans of the fantasy adventure for their loyalty. He says, “There will obviously be Two Towers trailers attached to some of the movies this summer, but a trailer is a very particular type of thing that has an important narrator talking and has graphics flashing up, it’s short and fast. It has a particular feel about it and I thought it would be quite nice to do something that I would describe more as being a preview. Something longer than a trailer and something that has more of the elegance of the ending of The Fellowship of the Ring to allow fans to be the very first people in the world to see some footage from the next movie.”

Jackson says the Rings team considered putting the preview at the end of the first film, The Fellowship Of The Ring, when it first hit cinemas. But the decision to wait was made to maintain the emotional feel of that movie’s ending, he said.


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