In the News: LOR Production clamps down on spies. –

by Jan 19, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

LOR Production clamps down on spies – January 19, 2000

In an indication that they will do everything in their power to protect filming secrets, security head Barry Thompson signed a trespass notice banning an Auckland Fan and internet writer from LOR sets.
This follows on the heels of the recent dismissal of an extra who had been leaking information to the press.

Project producer Barrie Osborne said that the notice was issued because the writer, Erica Callis, had indicated on her web site that she would try to snoop on the sets.
“There’s an incredible amount of interest in the film… and we welcome that. But… we don’t want to disappoint [the audience] or the studio,” he said.

Ms. Callis responded, “It’s like using a sledgehammer to squash a fly! I find it puzzlingly confrontational.”


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