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by Sep 20, 1999Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Here’s an article that appeared in about Liv Tyler’s involvement in LOTR. Thanks to Tol Galen for the find!

Liv Tyler in Middle Earth

Armageddon star makes transition from Earth to Middle-Earth

Evidently Middle-Earth is getting trendy. While Peter Jackson’s movie adaptation of The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a pretty big feat of timing and effort, its cast so far has consisted of critically acclaimed but low-profile actors. That all changed when Liv Tyler, Aerosmith offspring and cinema glamour object signed on.

Tyler has now been cast as Arwen, princess of Rivendell, and daughter of Elrond, an elven prince. In the course of the series, she falls in love and gets betrothed to Aragorn, a human ranger, and one of the Fellowship of the Ring. At the end of the series (and presumably the last movie), Arwen will marry Aragorn and become queen.

While some are bound to complain about Tyler’s casting, Arwen is a minor character in the books, and Liv won’t be cutting into the main story much unless Jackson decides to make major changes to the continuity. Besides, Tyler’s been cast as the love interest ever since she first appeared in her fathers’ Aerosmith videos, so she should be an old hand at it. We don’t have any info as to when the lovely Liv will be down here in New Zealand to start filming, but believe me as soon as we know… we’ll tell ya.


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