In the News: Battle over Rings Filming – The Evening Post

by Mar 2, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

A hearty “thank you” to Susan W. for this article! Looks like trials and tribulations are afoot for Peter Jackson…

Battle over Rings filming

Evening Post – March 2, 2000

The Lord Of The Rings might be refused permission to film in Tongariro National Park because it plans to use helicopters and horses. The Department of Conservation, which gives permission for special projects in the park, is also concerned that films don’t fit the “philosophy” of park management, Ruapehu District Council was told on Friday. Mayor Weston Kirton said Tourism Minister and Taupo MP Mark Burton would be approached to have permission for filming granted. Councillor Bruce Rollinson said The Lord Of The Rings had booked 600 people for 30 nights in the Ruapehu district — “That’s more than what we normally have in one month”. Interested parties were to meet today to discuss the use of horses and helicopters on national park land. — NZPA


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