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by May 22, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen has updated his webpage.

Friday 13th April was unlucky for Wellington, with the tail of a cyclone forecast to whip down the north island of New Zealand and ruin the Easter holidays. So I didn’t resent working indoors, tucked away from the wet and the wind inside Peter Jackson’s private cinema, where the dialogue for The Lord of the Rings is being “cleaned-up” for the final version of the trilogy’s first movie, due to be delivered for inspection by New Line’s executives in Hollywood early in June.

I had the call a month or so ago in London, where I have been enjoying a prolonged break from professional life since the principal photography ended just before Christmas. While I lazed the winter away, Peter Jackson and his diminished cohorts have laboured through a hot New Zealand summer. Some pick-up shots kept Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) filming through most of January. The WETA digital department have 120 technicians perfecting the special effects, whilst Peter and his editors have been shaping the first film and fitting together the story of the Fellowship’s journey to Mordor, where the Ring was forged and must be destroyed.

The Wellington film studios not being soundproofed, almost all of the dialogue has had to be replaced. Two of the co-screenplay-writers Fran Walsh (Mrs. Jackson) and Philippa Boyens have been in charge of the ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording). Already, in an underground sound studio off Wardour Street in London, Sean Bean (Boromir), Ian Holm (Bilbo) and Christopher Lee (Saruman) have added a fresh soundtrack to their scenes. Why was I being brought back to Wellington?

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