Ian McKellen November E-Post Update! – Corresponding with Gandalf

by Nov 4, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Ian McKellen… still answering fans questions after more than a year of filming!
Sir Ian McKellen has once again taken the time to answer questions from all us fans! Here are some of the questions put to him this round:

  • Why are there so many restrictions on the press finding out what goes on in the LOTR set?

  • It seems to me that the sheer complexity of filming the three films simultaneously would be overwhelming for all involved. How are morale and spirit holding up among cast and crew?

  • Is there anything about Gandalf’s character that you really dislike?

  • 1. Are you (cast and crew) prepared for failure of the LOTR should it not deliver as Tolkien’s movies? 2. If LOTR becomes a huge success like Titanic, should we (the fans) expect any Oscars for the movie and its cast and crew?

  • Could you please give me some indication of what image, shape, or form Sauron the dark lord is to be portrayed.

Thanks to Cirdan at Der Herr der Ringe for the alert!

Follow the link below to read all his answers.


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