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by Oct 20, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

“The epic quality of the story is obviously going to be different…it’s a cinematic epic quality rather than a literary one.”

Entertainment Tomorrow‘s John McLean-Foreman discusses Lord of the Rings with Ian McKellen (Gandalf),who answers questions about the Balrog and other wizardly matters in an audio interview, available in Windows Media, Quicktime, and MP3 formats.

While Sir Ian admits that Peter Jackson has yet to decide which scenes shot thus far will actually make it in the film and how they will be presented, he does provide intriguing answers to the following questions:

  • Will Gandalf and Saruman have a wizard duel?

  • Will the return of Gandalf the White be narrated or acted?

  • Is there an omission from the books that you wish had been shot for the films?

  • What is the creature being scanned by a laser in the Internet Trailer?

  • Are there plans for a movie based on the Hobbit?

  • What differentiates a good director from a bad one?

  • How do you remain so open to your fans?

Follow the link below to listen to the interview, and then we invite you post your comments below or on our Messageboard.


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