“Hunt for Gollum” Debuts with Huge Online Reception

by May 6, 2009Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Director and executive producer of The Hunt for Gollum spoke with Sci-Fi Wire about reception his film has had so far. Notably, the first 24 hours of the film saw about 250,000 downloads–enough to bring the server down…

“The Web server got completely overwhelmed by all the traffic. We got it back online quite late that night. I think everybody saw the release and went on at the same time. It was the number of requests it couldn’t handle. It’s quite cool! We had no idea how many people would watch it.”

According to Bouchard, neither he nor his crew had any clue what to expect in advance of the screening. “They’d been giving away tickets for free to the audience, so we didn’t really know if people were signing up to it or not until we walked in, and it was all full,” he said. “It was quite weird, actually, watching it with a real audience, and they were all very quiet throughout the film, so I thought they really hated it!”

As to the film’s positive reception, Bouchard said, “I was shocked, actually, because I was expecting a lot of stick for interpretations. We thought maybe the actors, they’ve got a lot to live up against trying to play [roles played by] Ian McKellen and Viggo Mortensen. On the whole, the comments from people who’ve watched it so far have been really nice. We’ve definitely had some good nitpicks as well, but we’re quite surprised they’ve been so nice.”

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[Via Sci-fiWire]


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