How Mt. Potts Became the Edoras Set – Company of the Ring: Tol Galen

by Feb 9, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Company of the Ring: Tol Galen features an article about how Mt. Potts became the location for filming Edoras exterior scenes.

Here is a brief excerpt:

People around the world have eagerly awaited the filming and now the screening of Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings. As expected, Jackson chose his home country of New Zealand to film the trilogy.

It was while looking for a place to build a village for the second movie. The Two Towers, that he stumbled on Mt Potts. But there was a national park in the running as well. You see, the village had to be built on a small hilly knob, where river flats’ and ice capped mountains shone behind. Peter Jackson had it narrowed down to two places — Mt Potts and a national park.

But the national park would prove too difficult to get unrestricted filming and before Mark and Marie-Claire Dewsbery knew it, they had signed to let Peter Jackson’s production company film on their property. The location, of course, like much of the movie, was kept secret to the public and in February last year a team of 40 builders descended on the station for eight months to build the village — for just nine days’ filming.

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