Holm has Confidence – Bilbo Comments on the Movies

by Jul 17, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Ian Holm has already crowned Peter Jackson the Lord of Sci-fi/Fantasy films.
Ian Holm recently released his thoughts on Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films upon his return from New Zealand. Here’s what The Irish Times said:

Holm, who recently returned from New Zealand after five weeks filming his role in The Lord of the Rings, is oozing with enthusiasm about Peter Jackson’s big-budget film trilogy based on the Tolkien novels. “I’m not allowed to say much about it but it’s going to make Star Wars look like a weekend in the lavatory,” Holm says. “There are 130 special effects people and it’s brilliant, absolutely brilliant.”

Weekend in the lavatory? Being a dedicated Star Wars fan too, I shall await further comment until I see more of this film…. Yeesh… Lavatory??

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