Hollywood’s Efforts to be Relevant – LOTR in Politics?

by Oct 16, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Charles P. sent me an email with a link to the full article containing the excerpt below, saying, “I thought [this article] might interest some of your readers, since it includes some
comments by Bob Shaye [founder] of New Line. It will also perhaps be of passing interest to those, like myself, who are fans of both LotR and the works of the great Christopher Hitchens; but I suspect you could fit us all into a single railway carriage.”

In the brief excerpt, Shaye brings up the “political aspect” of the books (nevermind the fact that Tolkien completely despised politically driven stories)… Click the link at the bottom to read the whole article:

Mr. Shaye used the opportunity to plug New Line’s upcoming $300 million Lord of the Rings trilogy. “I just received a note that said, `What the world needs now is Hobbits!'” he claimed.

Mr. Shaye then explained what was political about a series of movies featuring actors with pointy ears and characters with phallic names like Bilbo. Mr. Shaye said he was “fascinated to learn” that some readers consider the sought-after ring in J.R.R. Tolkien’s 1950’s trilogy to represent the quest to harness nuclear power during World War II. Thus, he explained, New Line had made a movie that incorporated politics, but by setting the pictures in Middle Earth, those politics had been made “palatable.”


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