Hobnobbing with Hobbits – A personal account of the LOTR wrap party!

by Dec 27, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Wish you could’ve had a ticket to the big ol’ party thrown after LOTR wrapped-up filming? Richard Woodd had no such wish–he was there! Here’s an excerpt of his report on the party:

Noting people wearing feathered head-dresses, silver and gold lame clothing, fashionable leather gear etc, I first had to come to terms with the realisation that I was probably the only male suit-and-tie-wearer present (I did have a Santa Claus decorated pen sticking out of my pocket as a concession to informality).

I checked out the food marquee. Ruth Pretty, NZ’s most famous cooking personality, seemed to be in charge here. And there she was herself, with a new hair colour, cooking fish (terakihi actually) Pacific-style. There were other setups doing kebabs, fritters, pies. Things were being cooked and put straight onto your plate. The smells were incredible. I wandered about, sampling this and that, and meeting up with a few cronies, like Alan Head who machine-embroidered symbols and designs on LOTR clothing, 500 hours work he estimated. “The world doesn’t know, Wellington doesn’t know, how much is going into this film. It’s a monster. I met the people who were doing the leather armour and they had 150 bods working on that project.”

Click here to read the rest of his recount of the party. Thanks to Alistair F. for the tip!

Incidentally, Richard’s friend Jim McIntosh was also the Shoemaker to the Lord of the Rings! Alas, you currently cannot get one of Jim’s sole creations due to trade and copyright restraints, but you will be able to after The Fellowship of the Ring is released! Check his website out here


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