Get to Know the “Merry” Man Himself! – The Elusive Dominic Monaghan

by Oct 18, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Merry (Dominic Monaghan) enjoys the best pipeweed Middle-earth has to offer.
Sharon Coulbeck of the Unofficial Dominic Monaghan Web Site recently had the privilege of conducting an informal interview with none other than the man in Meriadoc Brandybuck’s, er, prosthetic feet! Here’s an excerpt of her interview.

If you weren’t an actor what other profession would you have chosen?

“If I wasn’t an actor and could pick a profession I would be a professional football player – left wing for Manchester United but realistically I think I would have gone to Uni and then travelled and I think I would have delayed ‘real work’ for a while and tried to be a scuba diving instructor in Thailand or Bali, Fiji wherever!!”

What techniques/methods do you use to memorise your lines?

“Due to the long hours we are working on this movie, 13 or 15 hours sometimes!!, there is more than enough time to learn lines.

If there is a particularly long section of dialogue or a lot of lines I tend to read it only twice or three times. I have always found that I have done my best work when I don’t quite know my lines. So sometimes I unlearn my lines by throwing in words that are not there and then taking them out in the take.”

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