Gandalf Speaks Again – Ian McKellen Updates Grey Book

by Mar 14, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Ian McKellen updated his Grey Book again. This time he has things to say about the filming of Bag End and a couple notes on how to pronounce words.

Here are a couple highlights.

“The Bag End designs could not be bettered. Their colours are warm with lots of wood and signs of industry, writing and cooking and overeating. Simply, they are hobbity and to me very familiar. They are in accord with my own untidiness and need to be comfy. The kitchen table where Frodo pours the tea is akin to the family kitchen of my childhood. Yet it is all with a difference because Bag End feels like a hole in the ground….

“…I have to learn a new pronunciation. All this time we have being saying “palanTIR” instead of the Old English stress on the first syllable. Just as the word was about to be committed to the soundtrack, a correction came from Andrew Jack, the Dialect Coach; he taught me a Norfolk accent for Restoration, and for LOTR he supervises accents, languages and all things vocal. Palantir, being strictly of elvish origin should follow Tolkien’s rule that the syllable before a double consonant should be stressed – “paLANTir” making a sound which is close to “lantern….”

Make sure to go and check it out!


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