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by Jun 11, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

“I understand he auditioned first for another part in the film and when they saw him, they thought he looked like Legolas should look like!”
Marie of Bloomin’s Marvelous revealed to us that she has posted an exclusive article written by a former Guildhall School classmate of Orlando Bloom about the actor and his thoughts about playing Legolas in Lord of the Rings.

Here is an excerpt:

He read the Tolkein books when he was younger and has studied them very seriously since making the film and loves to talk about Legolas who is almost part of his character by now…He sort of lives and breaths Legolas and sometimes he wonders if he has actually turned into Legolas…then when he goes out with his friends, clubbing and having fun, he then realises he has turned back into Orlando Bloom! He is a great dog lover has an English boxer in England who he misses very much and is called Maud. He adores Maud.

The Lord of the Rings will have undoubedly a huge influence on his career. He has made a full interview about it for the TV which should be out soon…when he speaks quite emotionally how marvellous he thinks the film will be, and what a genius he thinks Peter Jackson is and what incredible trouble they are taking on every aspect of the movies to ensure Tolkein and all the LORT fans will be delighted with the films…He believes the sets are unbelievable…and the actors are all perfectly cast – everyone is giving 600% of themselves to the films and there is no doubt they are going to be fabulous…I believe that is what he thinks…Obviously, personally, he is very excited by the impact filming has made on his life so far.

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