Fire?????? – Alarms went off

by Feb 19, 2004Lord of the Rings (Movies)

So, December 17, Lord of the Rings, the Return of the King came to theatres. Of course, I had gotten my ticket a month in advance, so on opening night, I was there, my Ring on a chain around my neck. That movie was so amazing, despite the differences between book and movie. The movie really affected me, and the feeling that I had when I left that theatre will stay with me forever. And of course, I had to see it again! So my friend and I made plans to see it. About an hour into the movie, a light starts flashing in the theatre and we hear an alarm going off. Now, keep in mind, this is the second time watching the movie for both of us. We’re sitting there completely confused and unsure of what to do. The movie was still playing and we were so into the movie that it took a while for us to figure out that the alarms were going off. Once we realized what was happening, we then had to decide what to do. The movie was still playing, and we love it, so we looked at each other, and around the theatre, to see what everyone else was doing. You know that a movie is amazing when it’s the second time watching it, fire alarms are going off, and you’re debating as to whether or not to get up. So, once we finally realized we should get up, because we didn’t want to burn, (plus some lady came in and told everyone to get out) we got a ticket voucher. So, the next Saturday, we went to another theatre to watch ROTK again. This time, thankfully, no alarms went off, but I’m pretty sure I cried more the second and a half time I saw that movie than I did the first time. We were both a mess, me maybe a little more. Hopefully, I will get to see it again a few more times before it is out of theatres.


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