Filming in Lower Hutt – What’s up in Wingate?

by May 15, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Natasha has emailed me with some news about some filming going on in Wingate in the Lower Hutt area of New Zealand. Here’s what she said:

It appears as though they might have started filming. Drove past after work last night and there 30+ cars parked in the site and a LOT of people around.

Went back about 8:30 that night and they were using two cranes with spotlights as well as other spotlights on stands. Unfortunately you cannot see any of the action from the road, naturally of course, but after a few minutes I saw a man come out of the set leading a pony, with strange gear on, a saddle with very high pommel and cantle, he continued to lead him around for about 10 minutes but then I left.

Does anyone know what’s being filmed there? Anyone have any pics of the area? Email me with anything you’ve got!


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