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by Jan 27, 2002Lord of the Rings (Movies)


It’s really a very bad thing to cast a group of dangerously gorgeous men and put them together in one movie where they’d play characters who are even more attractive. It’s cruel, really. Didn’t the casting people know that they’d be unleashing a love/infatuation plague among women viewers? How rude! But really, though, it wasn’t their fault. Nor was it the actors’ fault to look amazingly handsome in the middle of the battles and all the other scenes where anxieties must prevail. But can we be blamed for falling for them?

I shall speak for myself, but I believe I share the same dilemma with all the other girls who have seen and loved the first installment of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring. I did not write this article to critique Tolkien’s work, nor to analyze the movie. I wrote to speak of my predicament right now…of how I have gone off to having, should we say, “feelings” for almost all the guys who played the men of the fellowship. Seriously speaking, you’d hear comments on how these actors acted so well or so bad from critics here and there. But seldom will you find articles that solely focuses on the physical appearance of these actors, and the effect such looks had on the audience – specifically and more realistically, the girls.

A friend of mine recommended that I read J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. I knew there was a movie about to come out. And I knew watching it would be a lot easier than going through more or less four hundred pages filled with incredibly small fonts. But then, I also knew that movies based from books are always different from the books. So before I went to watch the movie, I finished the first book and its prequel, “The Hobbit”. It was one heck of a ride. Very good work by Tolkien. Of course, when you read a book, you have to picture the characters. And I turned to the movie actors for such “imagination.” It was harmless, a bit pricking at times, but harmless. Their faces were alive, but I was still tied to the whole essence of the characters inside the books rather than to who was playing who. Sometimes, I don’t even see their faces, I just hear their voices. Again, totally harmless.

But the day after the premiere, when the same friend treated me, my mom and my sister to the movie, I was shocked. Shocked at how the books were made alive at the film. And of course, shocked at how the actors looked really good – and acted really good too. I was in awe of those men who were cast to play the parts of the nine heroes (to me they are). Before I saw the movie, I already had lots of pictures of Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) and Legolas Greenleaf (Orlando Bloom) in my computer. Little did I know that the minute I got back home after watching the film, I’d be downloading even more of their pictures. And not only did I search the world wide web for Elijah and Orli (as my friend calls him due to the length of his real name), I had to find images of Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen – whom I used to loath in his previous film “A Perfect Murder”). At first, it was harmless. Just a habit of collecting pictures, really. But days passed and I was getting obsessed with these fellows. The more I read the books and the more I saw movie cuts and the movie itself, I had to find out more about the actors and save their pictures into my PC as much as I can. My “fellowship boylets” grew even more. I then realized that Pippin Took (Billy Boyd) and Boromir (Sean Bean) were also too darn cute! It may also come as a shock if I reveal that I also have a thing for the wise wizard Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen). Soon though, the only persons I didn’t feel that much for were Sam Gamgee (played by the bit-overweight Sean Astin) and Merry Brandybuck (played by Dominic Monaghan). My heart didn’t beat for Gimli the Dwarf (played by John Rhys-Davies, go figure).

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the blue-eyed Elijah Wood. And when he came out as Frodo, I had to claim him. I know I’m not the only one pining for the twenty-yearold actor, but still, it feels good to proclaim yourself as “Frodo’s Girl.” Hey, I’m crushing on a fantasy guy, why not make everything else in relation a fantasy too? Elijah may come and go from one movie to another, from one TV guest appearance to another, from one picture to another, but the fact remains that when he appeared as Frodo…his eyes claimed my heart. Then there’s the newest heartthrob, Orlando Bloom. Honestly, I like him better with the golden wig and the bow & arrows. He gives a lot more sense to the meaning of the phrase “my hero!” I’m sure there are so many girls who will go to bed at night imagining that Legolas would be holding hands with them while walking in the streets of the Modern Days (complete with the elvish costume and the long golden hair). There are way too many girls who now long, and some are even obsessed, for Orlando Bloom. Then, we have the strider Aragorn who, with his ruggedly handsome looks, have captivated almost every girl who saw him striking down the enemies with his sword. There were many girls who sang “you light up my life” while Viggo Mortensen threw torches at the villainous black riders. Millions of women would have given everything to trade places with Liv Tyler and play the role of Arwen who gets to lip-lock with gorgeous Viggo. Of course, I cannot leave out the hobbit Pippin (Billy Boyd) whose cuteness is indirectly proportional to his height.

Indeed, there were just so many good looking men in the film…in the “one” film. Cruel, but great. Cruel in the sense that I know day dream of meeting those actors for real and hoping against all hope that maybe they’d even throw me a “she’s cute” comment my way. I’m not alone. And while I hope that these “fellowship boylets” will even notice me, some even wish that true love will spring eternal. Pathetic, you might say. But let’s face it. This is reality. Yes, we do fall in love with fantasy. Whoever said fantasy and reality cannot be mixed together is dead wrong.

To fall in love with gorgeous actors whom we only see on the big screen may be judged as unreasonable. Why waste your time falling for someone whom you can’t have in this lifetime? Why waste loads of money buying magazines and other stuff that contains a pic and a bit of info or two of these actors when you can just save it for your own “real” future? Why waste too much time, effort (and life force?) on something which you know will never have a worthy outcome? Why? Because I’m human. And I have a heart. And I can’t teach my heart who to fall for and who to ignore. And when my heart has beaten triple time for Frodo, Legolas, and Viggo, I had no choice but give in. Hey, I’m not losing my sanity over these fictional characters, I’m just letting my heart get that feel of satisfaction. Seeing them makes me feel good. Seeing them makes me hope that someday I’ll find my own hero. If I can’t have them, maybe I’ll have someone better. Maybe someone taller than Frodo…someone who actually has long golden hair…someone who’s a bit more clean cut than Aragorn. Because amidst all my fictional love affairs, I have to face the fact that the Frodos, Legolases, Aragorns, Boromirs, Pippins, and Gandalfs of this world are not mine for the taking. See, falling in love with them is not so bad after all.

Things may change and there may be other actors who will grace the big screen with their good looks. And I may fall in love with millions more, but I shall never forget the day when five equally beautiful men caught my eyes, my mind, and my heart.

How many times have I said the word “real” in this article? Well, no matter how many times people tell me that the real world is not made of falling in love with unreal people, that love does not exist in a fantasy….I still cannot deny a time in my life which I consider to be one of the best things that ever happened to me…a time which I shall forever hold dear to my heart even till the day I finally say I do to the “one man” there is for me…the time I fell in love with the “Fellowship.”


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