Eomer Speaks! – Karl Urban answers the Fans’ Questions

by Jun 30, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)


Karl Urban seemed to have a prety good time interacting with the fans.

Update: We’re seeking permission to broadcast this session. We will have it back up as soon as possible!

We’ve got quite a treat for you after our first day here at Dragon*Con! At 7pm, Karl Urban, the man cast as Eomer, held a question and answer session today with all us Tolkien fans here in Atlanta… Of course, he wasn’t able to give a lot of particular information about the films (non-disclosure agreements and such), but he did give a lot info about the happenings on the set. It’s a great way to experience all the stuff that isn’t reported by the regular news channels–the meticulous work on the set, the attitudes of the actors and actresses, and what it’s like to work with Peter Jackson. Go to the Tolkien Online Dragon*Con update page and click on the “Eomer Speaks!” links.

We’ve also added the other Dragon*Con Tolkien Track sessions so far, including the introduction by Michael Martinez of Xenite.org, and his second session, “Reconstructing Middle-earth.” Check them out here!

What a great change from yesterday’s airline catastrophe… 🙂

Hangin’ out with Eomer in Atlanta… for a second, at least.
And don’t forget to click on the “Today’s Images” link to see all the images of the day!


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