Entertainment Weekly Pictures Cause LotR Fans to Pause – Arwen does wield a sword. And what is that cut on her Face?

by Jan 18, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Arwen with battle wounds and Elven sword
The following is from the official casting description:

ARWEN. Elf. 18 – 30, female. Slender, graceful, fine-featured. WILL HAVE TO RIDE A HORSE AND WIELD A SWORD. The Elven princess of Rivendell, Arwen’s beauty is legendary. An Elf, Arwen is, by virtue of birth, immortal. Everything about Arwen is “Quick” – her fleetness, her smile, her temper, her understanding. She seems to enjoy playing against pre-conceptions of the classical serene Elven maiden. She dresses in armor, rides hell-for-leather and she gives her heart to a mortal man. Arwen’s love for Aragorn is deep and abiding. She is prepared to give up her immortality and embrace death for him. But she also loves her father, the Lord Elrond, and it costs her greatly to defy him. Arwen’s journey is towards a deeper understanding of the darkness and evil that exists in the world and a true understanding of what it means to be mortal… ARWEN IS THE FEMALE ROMANTIC LEAD. APPEARS IN PARTS ONE, TWO AND THREE. ACCENT: BRITISH. PLEASE SUBMIT STAR NAMES.

The following is from the official site. It is Peter Jackson answering the charges that there are changes to Arwen’s character.

Question: As with many hard-core Tolkien fans, I’m experiencing a fair amount of anxiety over the prospect of the original story being altered in the name of giving us a stronger on-screen love story between Aragorn and Arwen. As a fan of Liv Tyler I “want” to believe that any departures from Tolkien’s storyline will be done with due respect for the original material, but I would like very much to hear your views on this point. In particular, what can you say to reassure people who share my worries that you will be respectful of the original story?

PJ: I’ve read a lot of things on the Internet to do with the character of Arwen, and in various newspapers and things – and all I can say, without wanting to give away too much of the movies, is that I don’t think people are going to be too upset when they see the films. There has been a lot of nonsense and speculation about what we’re doing with the characters – I mean [counts off on fingers] Arwen was NOT part of the Fellowship; Arwen will NOT be a warrior princess. She has a very small part to play in the books if you simply look at the number of pages that Arwen is in, and in order to make her a character with some weight and to be able to simply show what is at the essence of Arwen’s story, which is the love of an immortal person for a mortal man, we have had to create more material for Arwen because there’s just not enough from the books to actually show. But where we have gone for most of our extra Arwen material is actually the appendix – the story of Aragorn and Arwen, which appears at the end of The Return of the King, and so we have gone into that appendix for ideas and material which we can actually incorporate into the plot of the movies. So I really honestly don’t think that people are going to be too upset when they see the films. Just – everyone just relax, and stay calm! [Laughs]

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