Effects Lead Richard Taylor Talks Lord of the Rings Blu-ray

by Apr 2, 2010Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Richard Taylor working on a Uruk HaiRichard Taylor working on a Uruk HaiOscar winning Weta effects guru Richard Taylor talked to ScifiWire.com about the April 6 release of LOTR on Blu-ray, pointing out some of things he’s excited about with the clarity of a Blu-ray release.  Here are some excerpts:

“It’s probably more in the close detail in terms of the filigree and the surface of ribbons and buttons and elf clasps and belt buckles,” he said.

“It was going with the philosophy that in the period of the medieval age, it could be just as easy to make something look totally different or make something look completely the same,” Taylor said. “There would not have been a huge amount of replicates of technology. Obviously, if you reproduce the same object, it might be easier at a mass-production level in the modern day workshop, but we tried to give the feeling of a different quality to different elements. That’s something that I look forward to seeing if it comes through.”

“People have told me over the last couple of days that they have now seen the details that we had put in,” Taylor said. “We had thought we had just been a bit fanatical because they weren’t apparent to the viewer. Now they are. That’s a fantastic thing to hear that. A lot of that very fine detail is now popping out.”

“You try and aim to produce the best work you possibly can, obviously,” Taylor said. “I certainly didn’t cast my mind forward going, ‘Gosh, one day the world’s audience will be watching these movies on cinema screen-sized televisions in a level of clarity that we can only dream about today.’ Thankfully, the work that was done back then was done with the greatest intent to make it as good as possible. So hopefully it holds up OK today. It’s just exciting to think that the Blu-ray release offers an opportunity for the community of enthusiasts to enjoy them all afresh.”

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