Dark Horizons Hears From Insider – More Rumors for all you Arwen Fans.

by Jul 20, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Not Finished Filming until April 2001
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Dark Horizons is reporting the following:

“Just had the opportunity to view five volumes of photographs from LOTR’s set. The set design is some of the best I have ever seen, and the prosthetics, makeup, and general costumes of the Elves and Orcs are setting the scene for a Blockbuster of a film.

“The chamber where both wizards duel is awesome and is made to look like it is made from black larva. The throne is massive reaching all the way up to the ceiling. Scenes in the forest along with ruins and fallen statues look brilliant. The elves have short pointy ears, most have long blonde hair, and the costumes are very thin at the waist, which leads me to believe that the actors wore corsets underneath. The elves fighting style is very much there own.

“The Orcs costumes are ‘stocky’ and the weapons are like broadswords that form a ‘hook’ at the end. A big battle scene at the end of the first film will be assisted by CGI, and the volcano scenes are simply stunning. Also heard from someone directly from the set, that Liv Tyler did disappointingly in her role, and that most of her scenes will end up on the cutting room floor. Leaving her with a minor on screen role. Production is only a third of the way through and will not finish filming now until April 2001.”


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