Countingdown… to LOTR? – Lincoln wants lineup for LOTR (say THAT 5 times fast!)

by Jan 26, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

This comes to us courtesy of Ain’t It Cool News:

Well, it seems that Lincoln Gasking and his web-site have decided what their next major publicity stunt will be. Before camp-outs for Episodes II and III transpire, Lincoln and company are going to launch a series of them for “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. However, this time Lincoln intends to be the first person in the world to line-up (Daniel Alter held that title for Episode One; Lincoln was first at the Chinese after Alter and his friends staked their position at the Village in Westwood, CA). Lincoln doesn’t want a repeat performance by Alter or anyone else.

Countingdown has approached New Line Cinema about making their “camp-out” the “official” line for the Lord of the Rings films. Their is no word on the length of the camp-out(s), an association with a charity, and whether or not it will be for the first installment or all three installments. I assume the only way New Line would even consider any sort of alliance with the web-site would be if their was an involvement with a charity. Furthermore, sources close to me have intimated that the web-site is interested in attaining exclusive details about the film before anyone else in the media or on the net. An agreement like this would mirror the one that has with Lucasfilm. How will this affect the official site as well as all fan sites? And, isn’t their already a “Lord of the Rings” fan site similar to

Ummmmmmmm…. no. I’m going to state for the record that we’ve got dibs. I won’t state for the records my personal opinion of Countingdown.


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