Conversations with Michael DeLuca – The Michael DeLuca E-mails Continue

by Aug 30, 1999Lord of the Rings (Movies)

I was in Mexico all weekend visiting Mark-Edmond’s (Our Tolkien Virgin) Aunt and Uncle, so I couldn’t post these updates any sooner.

Here are a couple responses by Michael DeLuca about those three casting rumors and a couple other things.

I don’t know what this is all about. I have a call in to Peter to find out. It may just be three people whom we cast but have not yet announced, but there’s nobody major is this list.

This could all be b*llsh*t.

The next message is from Ain’t it Cool News.

I just got back from a f*ck*ng really boring meeting so reading these talk backs are just the remedy for being smacked back awake. I especially liked the guy who thinks I think through my bowels. Here’s a few facts: New Line didn’t pressure Peter for Liv. He liked her for it, we agreed, and so did she. Boom, pretty simple. I agree with Peter that she’s perfect for the part. She looks like Arwen and anyone who’s seen her in HEAVY or STEALING BEAUTY knows she can act. It’s funny to read the fan musings on why we might make certain decisions. Like the guy who thinks that because we had a slow year at the box office (forgetting that when you have a year with one $200 million dollar grossing film, it doesn’t matter what anything else does), we need to run to the box-office safety names. Lemme tell ya, there are about ten people in the universe who are box-office, and none of them are in LOTR.The only pressure we’re all feeling is how to make the trilogy rock.That pressure is welcome and shared by both Peter and New Line.

The above messages were sent to me by Cirdan. Thanks!


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