Connery “Cheques” In – A REAL Quote from The Man himself!

by Jul 2, 1999Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Bex (thanks Bex!) reported in with this wondeful little tidbit with an ACTUAL quote from Connery himself. Here’s the quote from the Evening Standard Online:

‘I don’t know what my next film will be,’ he tells me. ‘It is not difficult to tempt me out of the house to make a film as long as there is a golf course nearby. I’ve had golf scenes in many of my pictures, but golf scenes are not in the contract yet. My production company has a few things in development and I keep reading that I am to be in Lord Of The Rings. I have yet to receive the script. I believe that it’s in the post. Like the cheque.’

It looks like 007 knows as much about the role he may play in LOTR as the rest of us. At least this is straight from the horse’s mouth this time!


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