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by Dec 4, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

“I want to live long enough to see all of the Lord Of The Rings films come out – that’s 2003, by which time I’ll be 81.”

Empire Online reports on an interview with Christopher Lee appearing in London’s Sunday Times. As always, the actor honored his confidentiality agreement with Peter Jackson’s production company and didn’t reveal any of the films’ secrets.

Here is an excerpt of what Lee had to say about his role as Saruman in Lord of the Rings:

“He’s more than just a wizard. They are immortals. But they are human-shaped. They’re called the istari. They are immortal. They are maiar. They are sent by the valar, who are the creators, to Middle Earth. There are three wizards to concern yourself with, and I am number one: the most powerful. The most brilliant. The one of the greatest strength: Saruman, the White.

“The point is, power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, famous phrase, and that’s what happens to him. He’s meant to be the white wizard, but it comes out that he’s gone to the dark side. That’s all in the book. That’s all in the film. And that’s all I can tell you.”

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