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by Dec 26, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Ain’t It Cool News‘ Harry Knowles attends the wrap party and reports on the blooper reel. Here is a brief excerpt:

Peter arrives and Elijah and Sean and the rest of the cast present to Peter on behalf of the cast and crew of LORD OF THE RINGS… a glorious garage kit created by a wonderful artist at Weta Workshop, who I saw working on this just the other day! It is of Peter, shrunken to Hobbit size… with over sized ears and oversized feet… standing before a gigantic director’s chair.

Peter being the collecting nut that he is… IS OVERJOYED at the gift. This is the sort of thing that all of us geeks want… yourself as that which you dream to be. In this case, Peter is a Hobbit! He has the exact same look on his face as when Flesh Gordon handed me my Harry Action Figure he sculpted… or when Cartuna handed me the Harry PEZ that he made (mint in package)!

Peter takes the mike and attempts to begin to try to thank as many people as he can think of… and at one point he says something to the tune of…. “I’ve always said that nothing is perfect… all we can do is try harder each day!” and that was when I began choking up… I turned from the stage to look at the crowd… nearly all people literally bringing this film to life… all of them looking at Peter… in tune with Peter… Believing in him and his vision for these films. A powerful thing bringing dreams to life… I meet several people that have all been given their first chance at filmmaking in some department or another on this film… Each one a teeming film geek that so wants to be a part of something that all geek’s want to love… THE LORD OF THE RINGS.

Quickly, the presentations end, with Peter getting a very cool wall hanging of a quilt of film from LORD OF THE RINGS back lit by a gigantic lightbox created especially for it…

The next thing we see is the beginning of the LORD OF THE RINGS blooper reel!

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