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by Dec 22, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Ain’t It Cool News‘ Harry Knowles witnesses the final scenes of filming: Aragorn looks into the palantir and reveals himself to Sauron, and Gandalf the White and Aragorn plan their assault against Mordor. Here is a brief excerpt:

Aragorn reveals his presence to Sauron… reveals Narsil reforged into Anduril before him… and inflames the anger of the dark lord through the Palantir….

Alright… on set magic here…. The Palantir is to be a black stone that begins to glow…. For the film, Viggo holds a white glowing orb… Peter tells me that the Palantir is the Black Stone as described in the book, but that for the CG artists to clearly see the outline of the globe.… it glows white here…. While watching playback, I mention to Peter….

“I bet this is where a few thousand dollars of sound effects and score come to full hilt eh?”
To which Peter smiled and said, “I do believe yer right on that one.”


The look on Viggo’s face is that of one gazing upon an insanity of evil…. I do not know what he is imagining to get this expression… but whatever private demon Viggo has summoned, it looks to me as though he is staring into the flaming eye of Sauron, whether or not we ever see that.

I’ve just seen a take where Viggo hit a moment of dispair that was a GREAT shot…. After he says his peace to Sauron…. Sauron shows him… well, you know, and it strikes fear into him like nothing you can imagine… Looking into Sauron, I take it, is not a healthy move. Heh.

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