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by Jan 21, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

We bet you can’t get enough of those Cate Blanchett interviews, can you? Well, here is an excerpt from the latest.

You know, you’re December in the Lord of the Rings calendar. Your character, the elf Queen Galadriel, is called “very powerful and, in her own way, perilous.”

But what are they saying about the character?

Very funny. That must have been a kick.

It was a kick. I’d sort of gone from one woman with psychic powers [in The Gift] to the one woman with the universal power of psychic precognition, which is Galadriel. It was wonderful. A really extraordinary experience.

The trilogy will released yearly beginning in 2001. Are you done filming?

Yes. I think they’re still filming, but I did all my filming last May. Galadriel, she does appear intensely, but sporadically, in the books. She’s more of a touchstone for Frodo.

Why did you agree to it?

How could I not? It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It will never happen the way it happened again, you really felt that in the cast and crew.

What sort of costumes did you have to wear for Lord of the Rings? Did you have a hand in them at all?

Yeah, it was fantastic. There were so many Tolkien lovers on the film and also Alan Lee, who’s done a lot of the illustrations for the books, was there a lot. With Nylah, the costume designer, we did a lot of talking about trying to make it how people would imagine her but more, even greater than they could imagine. And we wanted her to radiate light.

Are you working under a pledge of secrecy or any other restrictions?

No. I’ve just chosen not to … better for people to be surprised than talk about it all the time.

Your Rings character is Queen of the Elves. Does she have anything in common with the young Elizabeth?

Very different. The young Elizabeth didn’t have a lot of power and when you arrive at Lothlorien, Galadriel, her power is waning and she is diminishing. They’re on quite different journeys.

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